Trainer Bio
Scarlett considers herself lucky to have found Crossfit around the same time she was contemplating elliptical-machine-homicide… now her favorite “cardio” is moving weights faster.
A type 2 diabetic, she started training specifically in Crossfit 3+ years ago and has since come off all medication and is a card-carrying member of the “Cool-Aid” crew as a result. She’s a stickler for form and has a voracious appetite for learning new things and applying her fitness outside the gym and/or for charity. From rock climbing to gymnastics tumbling to fund raising through burpees, there’s not much she won’t try once… and she invites you to join her any time you want.
In her “other” lives, Scarlett has competed as a Grand Prix show-jumper in the equestrian arena, and has toured the world as a singer with her band.
A tip for those who read all the way to the end: Scarlett accepts bribery for tardiness in the form of black iced coffee and cookie dough flavored quest bars.
Personal Training