Trainer Bio

Kent is a Westchester native, growing up in the northern part of the county (that town where a former president and former almost-president now live.. :). While living in Manhattan after college, Kent’s brother-in-law recommended checking out a CrossFit class and the rest is history. After 4+ years in the community, Kent completed his L1 and began his coaching apprenticeship under our head coach Mike.

He is a true believer in the core philosophy of General Physical Preparedness. A finance guy by day, Kent loves how CrossFit gathers and uses real and measurable data to quantify progress. His favorite part of the CrossFit’s 100 word method is “regularly learn and play new sports” which he believes is a piece many in the community forget!

Outside of the gym, he spends his time skiing, snowboarding, SUPing, surfing, hiking, playing guitar and trying – and mostly failing – to be as awesome as his wife.

Personal Training