Yoga Coach
Trainer Bio
Rebecca. The 6 Foot “Gentle Storm.” Rebecca has been a long time loyal member of Valkyrie. After over a year with us, Rebecca brought over the perfect recipe to help fill the opposite end of our fitness spectrum. Yoga. Her Sunday Yoga classes provide a much needed 1 hour relief from the loud music, cheering and weight slamming during the weekly classes. That, in addition to the implementation of breathing with core control coupled with concise instruction and calm music, Rebecca’s Vinyasa Yoga is the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon.
As Valkyrie is notorious for our focus on mobility and safe movement, you can see why Rebecca’s yoga class is best suited for our abode.
Don’t let her tranquil demeanor fool you though. When it’s time to throw down, Rebecca delivers an explosive punch to every workout she immerses herself into.
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