I started working out with Adam to improve my conditioning, lose some holiday pounds and focus on cross-fitness. Adam creates a tough variety of workouts each week tailored for your needs that keep you engaged, involved and motivated each time you show up. It’s never the same workout and they are intense. I came in able to run 3-5 miles with ease, and while I thought I was in shape, his workouts showed me how much I had to work on. The workouts are tough, but build confidence over time. In a month, together with healthy eating (and less beer!) I dropped 9 pounds and cut about 45 seconds off my average pace over 5 miles of running.

Ken Dominski, Hoboken, NJ

I have been working out for years and hit a plateau where I leveled off and didn’t see any more results. I feel like Adam’s workouts mix things up and I am starting to see new results.

Joe Rosalia , Personal Training

Adam, I love your training style. Your knowledge is obvious, and your personality helps to make the workouts fun. You know how to push me past the limit, but also know when it’s time to stretch. You encourage me to stay focused, and the workouts (even when I’m tired and feel defeated) are thoughtfully designed to keep up my determination. Less than a year later, I notice major changes in strength and endurance. As a result of all of this, here is my recommendation…

For anyone that is looking for a great, intense workout, I highly recommend Adam Kant at Intrepid Gym…in fact, I’ve already referred a friend!

Plus, your workouts have attributed to me becoming a monster on the ZogSports football field!

Sarah Trite , Hoboken, NJ

After I started training with Adam a little over a year. What can I say..the results are AMAZING, I’m toned, healthier, and I feel that there is nothing that I can’t do, in-fact the word CAN’T is not part of my vocabulary (Adam taught me that). Adam listens to my needs and the areas that I want to target and slim down, I achieved my goals working out with Adam. I still train with Adam since I love the way he pushes me to the limit and motivates me to always do more. I love the way he switches the workouts around, every time I show up I don’t know what to expect. In total I have lost around 15 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I LOVE the way I feel and I LOVE the way I look! In summary, Adam is GREAT and I will recommend him to anyone that is looking for someone to push them to the limit and help them reach their weight/physical goals!

Jeannie Rivera , Hoboken, NJ