November Focus: Squat
Tight: Upper Back, Core
1) Head Neutral
2) Elbows point down
3) Toes point slightly out
4) Knees push out
5) Pull Bar Down on Back (Back)
6) Elbows Drive Up (Front)
6) Weight in heels
7) Hips go back and down, knees track slightly forward
8) Hips reach at least parallel

Monday HIT
Partner Workout
4 Rounds:
250m Row
10 Front Squats 95/65
10 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Sumo Deadlifts 225/135
250m Row

As a partner workout, really push on the rowing sections. Take your time on the front squats to keep good form and elbows high as you get tired. We are looking for you to do strict pull-ups as a strength component of the workout, not cardio. For sumo deadlifts, keep your core tight and upper back engaged as your drive your heels into the ground.