Spice up your routine and burn upwards of 600 calories in this 45 minute interval training class that alternates between rowing and bodyweight exercises.



Rough week? Need a breather? Get your ohm on in less than an hour. Great for those who want to decompress from a busy day or who need a good stretch after the week’s kick-ass HIT workouts.


Boot Camp

Get ready to sweat (a lot) in this 45-minute full-body interval training–style class that mixes body-weight exercises with heart-pumping sprints and stair climbs. The choice is yours: Suck it up, or suck it in.


Olympic Lifting

Did you know we’re an official USA Olympic weight-lifting club? Check out this weekly class where the art of the clean and jerk and the snatch is broken down and critiqued to help you bust through plateaus and hit new personal records week after week.


High-Intensity Training

Spare 45 minutes to push yourself to new levels. Expect heart-pumping music, high energy coaches, and a new total-body workout every day. Dig deep and demand more of yourself, your body will thank you.



Practice makes perfect! Each week a new exercise is taught step-by-step so that beginners and advanced athletes alike can become experts at the movements used in our signature HIT classes.