High-Intensity Training

Spare 45 minutes to push yourself to new levels. Expect heart-pumping music, high-energy coaches, and a new total-body workout every day. Dig deep and demand more of yourself— your body will thank you.


Rough week? Need a breather? Get your ohm on in less than an hour. Great for those who want to decompress from a busy day or who need a good stretch after the week’s kick-ass HIT workouts.

Olympic Weightlifting

Did you know we’re an official USA Olympic weight-lifting club? Check our this weekly class where the art of the clean and jerk and the snatch is broken down and critiqued to help you bust through plateaus and hit new personal records week after week.

High-Intensity Training

Intrepid Gym is a premier high-intensity fitness center and the only USA Weightlifting Club in Hoboken. Reach your fitness goals with our diverse class lineup and unique workout philosophy.

Intrepid Kids

Every day is different so that coming to Intrepid Gym never gets boring. We understand that kids won’t do something they don’t enjoy so its our goal to get them to want to workout and make healthy choices. Their efforts at Intrepid will translate into better performance in their chosen extra curricular activities and daily life. Want to know more…check it out.


Saturday HIT

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Men/Women You must run an 800m Run every 8 minutes (start with a run too) Complete 8 Rounds: 2 Muscle-Ups/Wall Walk-Ups 4 Power Cleans 185/95 6 Burpee + Sit to…


Friday HIT

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Men/Women 6 Rounds, Rest 1 minute 5 Squat Cleans 135/75 6 Toes to Bar 7 Push Press 135/75


BootCamp Crew

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Men/Women 4 Rounds 15 Burpees 15 Ring Dips 15 KB Cleans 55/25 Rest 45 seconds 15 Hurdle Jumps 24″/15″ 15 Sit-Ups 15 Spiderman Mtn. Climbers Rest 45 seconds


Olympic Lifting

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5 Snatches at 80% 5 x Clean from 3 + Clean from 2 + Jerk @ 70% 2×5 RDL at 50% 1RM Deadlift